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Introducing the 7 Day Juice Feast Program!


Join the group doing the live online Juice Feast starting June 1st, 2018 or do it on your own any time!


Want to lose weight easily?

Want to increase energy ALL day?

Want soft beautiful glowing skin?

Do you want to eliminate pain, stiffness, and bloating?

Have you ever wanted to get off bad sugars, caffeine, and junk food?

Want to detox and cleanse your body of all the junk?

Are You Ready To Look & Feel Great?


What is a juice feast? Isn’t it called a fast?

A Juice feast is almost the same as a fast, except that in a feast we literally feast all day on a high amount of juice so we never feel weak, tired or hungry. In a fast people normally reduce calories and drink a minimum amount of juice to keep the body going; but on a feast, we consume enough calories to keep our energy up so we can accomplish our daily tasks. We feast on so much juice that our cells are pumped full of extremely healthy nutrients, and the junk is expelled out of the cells.


Since 2012 I’ve been studying juice fasts and feasts, short and long-term. I have completed many 7 and 14-day juice feasts, and a long 50-day juice feast in the summer of 2016. 


Over the years I’ve experienced it all and have learned exactly what works and what doesn’t – the in’s and out’s of having a truly successful juice feast.


You can easily cleanse your bodylose weight, clear up pimples, get rid of bad food addictions, and alleviate aches and pains with juice feasting, but you need to do it correctly! Not only to get the results you want but to maintain the results after the feast is done as well.


Having a proper plan is the most important part of a juice feast! Motivation and support are also important, and if it ever gets tough, that’s what I am here for!


I put together this amazing 7 Day Juice Feasting Program to cover all you need to have a successful juice feast! I am SO excited for you to experience for yourself all the health benefits and amazing results you will have from juice feasting!


First, before I get into all the details of the 7 Day Juice Feasting Program, I want to share the story of my very first juice feast. For most people, their first juice feast is always the most unforgettable; for me, it was life-changing.



My story

I did my first juice feast in 2013. I was 33 years old at the time, and struggling with some unhealthy lifestyle habits. I was addicted to sugars, had IBS symptoms, gained weight, bloating, periodic headaches and low energy; this was despite eating a fairly healthy vegetarian diet.


I researched cleanses and detoxes and stumbled onto the Juice Feasting website and books. I researched everything I could and bought the $95 dollar membership to learn all I could about how to do a proper juice feast.


Ultimately, I took the plunge and did my first juice feast. I followed all the instructions I could find, I only drank the raw healthy juices, didn’t eat anything and stayed on the juice feast for 7 days.


If you’ve done a juice fast or feast before, or you’ve read other people’s experiences, I’m sure you are familiar with the dreaded “detox symptoms”. I had heard about them, but not really experienced them, so I was a bit surprised by the first couple days with headaches.


My detox symptoms weren’t that bad, luckily. I had a headache the first day and a bit of the second day, and a bit of moodiness. I kept up with the juicing because even though my head hurt, I also felt great! As the juice fast progressed, my skin cleared up, I felt lighter, less pain, clearer, and energized. I was beginning to feel better than I’d ever felt in my entire life!


I lost all desire for sugar, caffeine, and junk food. I didn’t have to fight off the addictions, I just naturally let them go. Knowing my body was so healthy I didn’t have any desire to put junk back into my body.


And my life has never been the same since.


Juice feasting is a life changer

It’s not just about how great you will feel as you do the juice feast, but you actually get to see and feel your body transform!


Some of the Awesome benefits of juice feasting:


Weight loss

Brighter and softer complexion

Less Bloating

Healing acne and blackheads

Reduction of cellulite and fat

Loss of brain fog, things seem clearer

Decreased water-retention

More energy

Elimination of mucous build-up

Increased mobility

Reduction of inflammation

Decreased body aches, pains, and stiffness

Improved digestion

Decrease in appetite

Elimination of sugar and caffeine addictions

Less heartburn or indigestion

Increased nutrition and absorption of nutrients

Sleep deeper and needless

Reduction of anxiety

Sharpened awareness

Heightened spirituality

Overall happiness and rejuvenation

The benefits and results that you can get during and even after the juice feast are limitless. There’s nothing better than losing weight, feeling calmer, clearer, having glowing skin, increased energy, less stiffness and pain, less inflammation, deeper sleep, and overall better health. When you feel that great, you’ll make every effort possible to have all those benefits continue after the juice feast.


Doing the juice fast is about getting started towards a healthier and more vibrant you.


It’s just the beginning, and I am here to support you through your incredible journey!


How A Juice Feast Can Benefit You……


Juice feast as a cleanse:

With all the chemical and processed food available today with pesticides and toxins found in our food supply, water, and environment, our bodies are over-burdened by toxins.


Your body can’t deal with all the toxins at once, so it stores it in your body. If you eat too much, your body will store the excess as fat. If you’re consuming a wide load of chemicals from your food, water, and environment, it stored in your tissues and fat. 


Most people I talk to about this subject agree that our bodies are overloaded: too much-processed foods, too many additives, artificial ingredients, food colouring and dyes, too much alcohol, too much pollution, pesticide sprays, preservatives in everything… etc, the list can go on and on! On top of that, many people have underlying food sensitivities or allergies they’re trying to deal with or are completely unaware of. All of this is weakens and damages the body and completely stresses it out.


The 7 Day Juice Feast Program is designed to free up your digestive system and eliminate built-up and excess waste. Because juice is easy to break down your body can finally eliminate and restore damaged cells and tissues, reduce pain and stiffness, strengthening your immune system, detox and eliminate toxins from your cells, and get your body back in prime working order.



Juice feast to boost your nutrition:

Doing the 7 Day Juice Feast Program will get your body back into balance. 


Most people are chronically under-nourished and over-fed. This is the unfortunate reality in most developed countries today, and that’s why disease and illness are at an all-time high.


Unlike a water fast, the 7 Day Juice Feast Program is about drinking an abundant amount of freshly made juices that are abundantly full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients.


The juices will be flooding your body with liquid nutrition that is easily absorbed and will help to rebuild your body’s nutritional reserves.


Juice feast for weight loss:

Losing weight on the 7 Day Juice Feast Program is extremely easy! This program will get you revved up and start your weight loss, motivate, and excite you to continue losing weight and reach your weight loss goals, even after the juice feast is done.


My suggestion is to use the 7 Day Juice Feast Program to kick-start your weight loss, and use the time on the juice fast to really plan and organize how you are going to continue losing weight after the fast is completed. Having a plan and following it will ensure your success. I have sample menu plan sheets you can use for planning.


Most People that do a 7 Day Juice Feast lose between 7 to 10 pounds. Obviously, that varies, but you WILL lose weight!


Juice feasting to get rid of pimples and have clear skin:

This is one of my favourite benefits of doing the 7 Day Juice Feasting Program! Your skin is going to glow, and so will you from the inside out! Everyone’s skin improves when doing the Juice Feast. I love it when someone who thinks their skin is already great, notices how much better it is while fasting! If you have pimples, acne, puffiness, bumpy skin, dull skin, uneven skin tone, premature ageing, etc., you’ll definitely see an improvement. Even cellulite can radically disappear!


And I’m not exaggerating! You might not know this, but many foods and ingredients play havoc with your skin. For some, it’s an allergy or food sensitivity that’s causing skin issues and breakouts, for others it’s too much sugar in their diet that’s causing pimples, wrinkles, and inflammation.


Being on the 7 Day Juice Fast Program will allow your skin to heal, and it’s amazing how beautifying the results are.



Juice feasting for pain relief:

Inflammation is known to cause chronic pain. Your food, drinks, and lifestyle contribute or cause the inflammation in your body.


Drinking too much alcohol, eating a lot of processed foods and sugars, and food allergies or sensitivity could also be the cause of your pain and inflammation.


During the 7 Day Juice Fast Program, you are only consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens. For an entire week, you are eliminating all allergenic foods like wheat, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, etc. This is a great opportunity to see how your body responds to a diet free of allergenic foods and how it will impact the pain and inflammation in your body.


It is very common to have increased mobility and flexibility while decreasing the pain and inflammation!


Juice feasting for reducing stress and gaining clarity:

There’s a reason why many religions use fasting or feasting as part of their spiritual practices. Incredible amounts of calmness and clarity happen while doing a juice feast. 


During the 7 Day Juice Feast Program, you will also be taking care of your mind, emotions, and spirit. While juice feasting, everything slows down, and for many, this opens a time of heightened awareness and self-reflection.


  7 Day Juice Feast Program Guideline

2 Days of the Transition Diet:

  • The Transition Diet is just plant-based foods to prepare your body for the Juice Feast, and to smoothly transition you off the Juice Feast.
  • You will follow the Transition Diet for one day before, and for one day after finishing the Juice Feast.
  • You will have two menus to choose from:

Menu 1: Drink green juices and eat a large amount of one type of fruit for an entire day (a mono-fruit day); or

Menu 2: Drink green juices and eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, and salads (with minimal healthy dressings). 

The Transition Diet menus, recipes, guidelines, and instructions are all included in the 7 Day Juice Feast Program. 


The Juice Feast:

  • The Juice Feast part will last only 5 days in total.
  • You will be drinking only freshly made green juices made out of vegetables, greens, and fruit, as well as some fruit juices.

The quantity of juices that you will be drinking daily:

Women: 12 cups (3 litres/quarts) of juice a day (minimum)

Men: 16 cups (4 litres/quarts) of juice a day (minimum)

Full Juice Feasting guidelines, menu planner, shopping list, instructions, recipes, and FAQs are in the 7 Day Juice Feasting Program ebook.

The entire Juice Feast program is 7 days in total!


7 Day Juice Feast Program Includes:

The 7 Day Juice Feast Program eBook

A 40-page comprehensive ebook covering everything you will need to have a successful, safe, and rejuvenating Juice Feast.

The ebook includes:

  • Juice Feasting Instructions & Guidelines
  • Juice Feast Menu Planner
  • Juice Feast Shopping List
  • 20 Fresh Green & Fruit Juice Recipes
  • Transition Diet Instructions & Guidelines
  • Transition Diet Menu plans
  • Transition Diet Recipes
  • Guidelines to introducing food back into your diet
  • Extra Raw Food Recipes
  • FAQs

Once you purchase the program, you’ll receive a link to download the eBook immediately to start the program!


Videos for the 7 Day Juice Feast Program

7 videos to guide you through the 7 Day Juice Feast Program. It includes instructions and support for that day. (one video for each day)


Get instant access to all seven videos – the videos are emailed so they can be downloaded straight to your device. They are also in the private facebook group to watch and download from there.


The videos cover many topics:

  • How to prepare for the Juice Feast
  • How to make fresh tasty juices you will want to drink
  • How to organize your juices for the day to bring to work or school
  • What to expect on the Juice Feast
  • Supportive encouragement
  • Detox symptoms, how to decrease them and what they are
  • How to keep motivated on the Juice Feast
  • Suggestions for exercise & movement during the 7 days
  • Socializing while juice feasting
  • How to break the Juice Feast correctly
  • Your diet beyond the Juice Feast


7 Day Juice Feast Program Private Facebook Group


 Once you purchase the 7 Day Juice Feast Program, you will receive an email with the link to the Raw Juicy Vegan 7 Day Juice Feast Program’s Private Facebook Group. From then on you will have permanent access to this group and can use the link to connect with others who have already done the Juice Feast, or people that will be doing the juicing program with you.


Live Support From Kathryn

Every month, Kathryn will announce the dates of a Live 7 Day Juice Feast that you can do with the rest of the group on the Private Facebook Group page.


For that one week every month, Kathryn will be in the group daily to answer any questions relating to the Juice Feast, offer additional support and encouragement.

You are welcome to join as many live 7 Day Juice Feasts as you want in the Facebook group.



Join the group doing the online Juice Feast Program
starting June 1st, 2018,
or do it on your own at any time!


This Year check off those New Year’s

Resolutions You Still Haven’t Worked On!

Get Healthy  

Detox Your Body  

Lose Weight  

for only $27

  • You get lifetime access to the private 7 Day Juice Feasting Program’s Facebook Group to do the juice feast as many times as you want with a healthy community to support and encourage you!
  • You get instant access to 7 videos to help you through the Juice Feast Program!
  • You get instant access to the 7 Day Juice Feasting Program 40 page eBook Guide!


Got Questions?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the 7 Day Juice Feast Program


Q: Can I use a blender to make the juices, because I don’t have a juicer?

A: Yes!! To use a blender you will need to strain the smoothie type mixture after it blends, either with a nut milk bag, or fine strainer. The nut milk bag is much easier than a strainer, so if you can find one at your health food store or online it it best.

The reason why you must strain the pulp/fiber from the juices is because this is a cleanse, we want to give your digestive system a break, and the nutrients are more absorbed easier without the fiber. If you didn’t strain the juice out you would not be on a juice feast.


Q: Who shouldn’t do the 7 Day Juice Feast Program?

A: I don’t recommend juice feasting to anyone who is:

  • Nursing moms or if you are pregnant.
  • Has blood sugar disorders like diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, etc without the ok from your doctor.
  • A history of recent or current eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, binge-eating disorder, etc.)
  • Been recently hospitalized or had recent surgery, without the ok from your doctor.
  • Taking strong medications (and needs to eat food with the medication).
  • More than 10 lbs underweight, because more weight loss may make you very ill.
  • Under 18 years old, without the consent of your parents.
  • Over 70-75 years old – Unless you have talked to your doctor and he/she says it’s ok.


Q: How much will it cost for all the food I have to buy on the Juice Feasting Program?

A: The cost of buying fruits and vegetables differs from place to place. On average, I would say buying the fruits, vegetables and greens for the Juice Feast will cost anywhere from $10-$20/day. In some places it might cost more; in other places, it might be less. It really depends on what you’re buying, how much, if it’s organic or not, and what the cost of living is in your area.  For my own juice feasts I keep the recipes simple and make the same thing most days so it cuts the costs and I know I will enjoy the juice and it’s not wasted.


Q: I’m on a budget; can I do the 7 Day Juice Feast Program?

A: Yes you can!! You’ll have to look around and find the cheaper grocery stores to shop at, and keep your eyes open for sales and discounts. Find the cheapest markets, if you are in Canada, Superstore or No Frills has really good prices. I’m not sure about in the US or other countries. You can also grow your own food in the spring and summer for some of your recipes, and talk to local farmers to get deals if you buy in bulk that week!

Examples of the cheaper fruits, vegetables, and greens are cabbage, carrots, lettuce, apples, celery, cucumbers, beets, watermelon in season, etc., all of which make beautiful fresh healthy juices!


Q: Is this program just for beginner juice feasters?

A: It is for both beginners and advanced juicers!

This is a great program for first-time juice feasters because everything is laid out for them. The ebook gives easy to follow guidelines and juice recipes to make. The videos help them with everyday information, and the Facebook Group is great for support and motivation.

For the advanced juice feasters, it’s always a lot better to do a juice feast with a group. The 7 Day Juice Feasting Program includes daily videos that will keep you motivated. I also find the program itself is a welcome distraction from thinking about all the juice and the foods you can’t eat! You are very welcome to share your knowledge and experience with the Juice Feasting Facebook Group, and help support other juice feasters.


Q: I have limited choices of fruits and vegetables – will I be able to do the juice fast?

A: Yes you totally can! As long as you have fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens available, you can do the Juice Feast! I make very basic juices for my feasts because it cuts costs and I like to stick with juices I already know and look forward to drinking! Most of my recipes only have 3-5 ingredients in them.


Q: Can I still do the 7 Day Juice Feast Program if I work or go to school all day?

A: Yes! The majority of people are just like you: they go to school or work. It is important to pre-plan in your case! Make sure to have transportable jars, big water bottles or containers you can take with you. It is best to have 3 1 Litre containers so you can take all your juice with you for the day. I have done it and so can you!




Join the group doing the online 7 Day Juice Feast

starting June 1st, 2018

or do it on your own at any time!


only $27


EXTRA NOTE: The 7 Day Juice Feast Program is a digital and downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. When you purchase the program, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the ebook and videos to your device, plus join the private 7 Day Juice Feast Facebook Group. The ebook format is PDF, and the videos are on youtube viewable at the link. If you have any questions regarding this product please contact me at

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