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I am a Canadian work at home mom of 4 children, ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. My children are my whole world! I homeschool two of the kidlets and love the flexibility of my business. I love dark healthy chocolate, vegan raw foods, a hot cup of tea, and I’m totally addicted to Pinterest! I also love drinking local B.C. wines and have taken a shine to visiting wineries and taste testing!

I am a geeky fantasy and sci-fi movie and book lover! I love the Harry Potter movie and book series (which inspired the blog name), Lord of the Rings movies, X-men series,  and of course Star Wars series!! (I totally cried in the theater when Han Solo was killed)

I am a certified Raw Vegan Chef. I was the specialty chef every Friday night at Gratitude Cafe in Calgary for 4 months before moving away from the city. I have taught Raw Food classes to adults and children in Alberta and BC. I am working on putting my classes online so that you can take them from your own kitchen and follow along at your own pace.

I could spend all day every day in the kitchen creating new recipes and conjuring up yummy juice and smoothies. My children love green smoothies the most. They don’t always eat super healthy, but I do what I can to provide them with the healthiest food at my house and give them the knowledge why it’s good to eat healthy. We have watched documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy. I don’t force them to eat a certain way, they make their own decisions. I try to instill good eating knowledge and habits so they can make decisions on the types of foods they want to eat when they are out in the world.

I owned and operated a city license home family daycare for 5 years, before starting my Virtual Assistant business over 3 years ago. I recently set up a website to help and teach other moms to start their own VA home business.

I am constantly learning through courses, websites, books and any information I can cram into my brain. I don’t even remember the last fiction book I read. I have taken many raw vegan classes and blogging classes, so I’m finally putting them both together to start this Foodie Blog I have been wanting to start for a few years now. Yay for finally getting it out there!

Please reach out and connect by following me on my social media accounts, and by emailing me at any time to say hi or ask questions! Let’s be friends!

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