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Green smoothies have been studied for many years. If you haven’t read the green smoothie books by Victoria Boutenko, go check them out! The Raw Family was the very first book I read about the raw foods lifestyle over 20 years ago and it captivated me that a family could change from a standard diet and go raw vegan for years and have so many health benefits from it. I have studied raw foods and veganism since then.

Her book Green For Life has a ton of information in it about the benefits of incorporating two whole head of greens into our diet daily. The easiest way to do that is through smoothies. I started making green smoothies daily after reading her book, and my kids love them. They prefer green smoothies over fruit smoothies any day. I usually make theirs a bit sweeter than I have them.

Our favourite green smoothie only has a few ingredients in it, but we do experiment often with different ingredients. Bananas, apples, lemon juice, and spinach. Sometimes we add a couple dates to make it extra sweet or add a pear or kiwis. Watch out if you are thinking of adding strawberries or raspberries, they turn the colour an icky brown. They taste amazing but sometimes the colour is a put off for children. If they don’t like the brown you can put it in a dark cup they can’t see the smoothie.

Oh and ALWAYS remember the straw. My children won’t drink a smoothie without a straw for some reason. I also prefer drinking my thick smoothies with a straw, so maybe they get it from me. haha  We got some metal reusable straws to keep the disposable straws out of the landfills, the plastic straws are not recyclable. The metal ones are great, they come with a tiny cleaning brush that scrubs the whole inside and they are dishwasher friendly.

Also, its fun to find fancy or cool looking cups to put the smoothies in. My kids like them in wine glasses once in a while to be fancy pants. So if you have picky smoothie drinker try to play around with fun cups, put some sliced fruit on the cup or a tiny umbrella for decorations, or try a cup they can’t see its a smoothie.

OK, let’s make some smoothies!!

Favourite Green Smoothie

Our favourite green smoothie. Don't forget the straw! 🙂

Course Drinks
Servings 4
Author Kathryn


  • 3-4 Bananas ripe and starting to spot
  • 1-2 Apples sliced (not the core)
  • 3 tablespoons Fresh lemon juice
  • 2 cups Spinach (large handful of spinach)
  • 1-2 cups water (just enough to make it smoother and not so thick) add one cup at a time to find the thickness you want


  1. Gather all the ingredients and put into the blender. You can use fresh or frozen bananas or a combination of both. Adding frozen fruits you will need to add a bit more water to it's not so thick. Play around with the water amount as each person likes the thickness different. 
    Blend until very smooth and then enjoy. Any leftover can go into a glass jar and put in the fridge for a day. It will separate if left for a while, but just stir or shake it up and will taste great.

For more smoothie combinations check out The Raw Family website or google green smoothies and you will find a bunch of different combinations. Try a few of them so you can find what you like and don’t like combined together, then keep a couple sure favourites you can make easy and fast of busy days to get your greens in.

If you find a super yummy combination comment below, we would love to try it and give you props for finding a good smoothie! Also, you can go to our Facebook page and post pictures of it and I’ll share them.

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